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Toners are expensive..

We just made it affordable.

Counter Offer

Hang on, we know you have heard from someone or read from somewhere that KGim counter offers the price of product by 5% if you find a cheaper price of the same product elsewhere!

And. Yes. Thats. True.

Lets stress a few conditions here before we go all guns blazing comparing our prices with our competitors. To begin with, we are not too keen to know our competitors strategy to pricing or promotions. Why?

Because we are different. We are Premium and Compatible. Its a whole different league.

There is a very good reason to our 5% campaign. We are that much confident that you might find it difficult to discover, within the compatible ink cartridge and toner community…,

A company that will offer you 1 and up to 2 years (on selected products) warranty on their product…

  • …And manufacture the product like the way we do, under our strict guidelines, with quality and environment friendly protocols..
  • …And use raw materials from US and Japan..
  • …And put those cartridges and toner thru vigorous testing…
  • ..And package it like the way we do…
  • …And finally offer it all at a Premium affordable price that happens to come with our Premium Customer service.

If you did, hats off to you. We will review the price because it means we have not done our homework and its a reward to you for helping us rectify the problem.

Please read our Terms and Condition for further clarification.