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Ink Cartridges and
Toners are expensive..

We just made it affordable.

The Concept

«We understood general technological growth and consumer needs. We knew that our products had to be reliable in order to compete. We also wanted it to be premium. BUT we never understood why being „premium“, should not be affordable.»

«This is KGim, a powerful and enduring team built from the heart, with genuine intent to help our customers thru our carefully researched, tested and guaranteed Ink Cartridges and Toners.» «Its more valuable than usual. AND thats premium.» Remember, We are Premium & Compatible, made Affordable for everyone.


We Are Different…

We would like to carry overselves as a highly intellectual creative team. We have done our homework on quality manufacturing and adhered to strict Australian manufacturing guidelines. We are that much more confident confident with our product quality that we are offering up to 1 year warranty, backed by a 33 day Money Back Guarantee.

AND we guarantee our prices! AND we have invested on CRM programs!

Product Confidence

We are compatible with all major manufacturers such as Brother, Canon, Dell, Epson, Hewlett Packard, Lexmark, Samsung, Fuji Xerox.... the list goes on. Manufactured under strict ISO9001 quality management and control standards under ISO14001 environment management system, advanced equipment and premium raw materials are used from both the US and Japan. As a result, our ink printing performance and quality is of an exceptional standard.

Business Solution

Whether you need to print a few copies a day or 50,000 copies a month, our experts will get you up and running fast. The quickest way to start is to discuss your needs with our experts. Schedule a no-cost consultation with our Sales Team. Ask for our Trial Kit. Test it for a month. You are happy? Sign a contract with us and enjoy exclusive benefits!